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You are very welcome in our school in Eindhoven. The Ukraine School Eindhoven was opened on April 4th 2022. This is an initiative of the municipality of Eindhoven, SILFO and SKPO, on behalf of all schools for primary and secondary education in Eindhoven. A school where students from the Ukraine are taught in their own language. For students who fled their own country, we offer a safe place at our school. A place where they receive education in their own language, a place where they can be themselves and learn in peace. Our team consists of teachers from the Ukraine and from the Netherlands and our students are aged between 11,5 and 16 years old. While the war is destroying our beloved Ukraine, we are doing what we can to give children a good time at school here in the Netherlands.

Robbert Pieschel
Project coordinator secondary education
(11,5- 16 years)

Children between the ages of 4 and 11,5? Register at the nearest primary school. Would you like more information about primary education? Please contact Fieke Zweegers van Groningen (f.zweegers@skpo.nl) or Marijke van Mill (m.vanmill@skpo.nl).